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This still life shows a realistic selection of embroidery items. It is well executed on fabric which is firmly affixed to a stretched canvas. The fabric is wrapped around the sides for an excellent finish. The print on the fabric, in pale blue, consists of sewing instructions. There is a collage of original embroidery transfers under the painting. The whole has been varnished to preserve transfers and image.

This picture comes in a white floater frame but if you prefer it without we can come to an arrangement! Picture 40 x 40cm, overall ca 48 x 48cm.

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We visited Baddesley Clinton whilst on a weekend break, and I was much taken with the whole room in which I saw this window, but I found the glimpse of the garden and the sill irrestible. ( But the primroses were my addition!)

Created using high quality artists pencils

Mounted in an off white double mount, and framed in a high quality plain light oak veneer frame.

Image size 35 x 45 cm. Overall size, 54 x 64 cm. Ready to hang.

Prices include UK mainland delivery.

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I collect old blue & white , and the start of it all was a selection of pieces which I inherited from my mother and grandmother. Some of those pieces are shown here , along with others which I have added, and with some  inherited glass and silver.  All are shown in an antique oak housekeepers livery cupboard, which is one of my favourite pieces of furniture. I have to confess however, that the contents are not usually half as interesting, - or as tidy come to that!

Created using high quality artist's pencils. Framed in a plain, light oak veneered frame. Mounted in a double off white mount. Image size 38 x 32cm, overall size 60 x 50 cm.

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There she was, just nicely settled with her crochet and a cup of tea, and the grandchildren arrived so she had to drop everything. My husband bought the tulips for me, and I wanted to put them in a picture, so I added the cup of tea, crochet and a runner which belonged to my Mother. The result is an interesting & unusual still life picture. It has been executed in artists high quality coloured pencil.

This picture is framed in a top quality light oak veneer frame, double mounted in an off white mount.

Image size 33 x 33cm. Overall size framed, 53 x 53cm

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