Paintings in Acrylics

  I often paint with acrylics. I use high quality materials, which

helps to maintain clarity & depth. Stretched canvases are

finished with satin varnish, to preserve the image. 



             Pink Geraniums                                       Red Geraniums


I thoroughly enjoyed painting this pair of paintings. I deliberately used the very strong colours, because geraniums are so "in your face" 





Wisteria Window

This window was in an area of a series of small business units which we visited in North Yorkshire. 






Part of a florists display ( and I use any excuse to paint colourful  flowers!) 





Some Bunnies -  Hoppy

Just waiting to eat your veg when you are not looking! 



The Edge

of the lake!            SOLD





Dramatic white & cream stocks with  a simple vase and background.




Bay Window

From source pictures taken at Burton Agnes Hall where they have a fantastic selection of streptocarpus plants. I couldn't resist buying some! 





Road Block

Have you ever really looked at sheep? All their faces are different! 






Stained Glass Window 

At Baddesley Clinton, in a room full of beautiful old oak furniture. 






Acrylics,  each 40 x 40cm 




                        Sewing Box                            Dressing Table

Acrylics BOTH SOLD 




Conservatory 1  and Conservatory 2


These two are companion paintings. They are based on the conservatory at Beningborough Hall, a North Yorkshire National Trust Property which we always enjoy visiting. I have a greetings card available in my online shop which is taken from Conservatory 1. These paintings are both sold - although they have parted company! 







Plants for Sale. Nunnington Hall


A very tempting Plant stall near the way through from the car park at Nunnington Hall, North Yorkshire - another of our regular days out. This picture is sold but there is a version of this picture for sale in my online shop. There is also a card taken from this picture for sale in my shop. SOLD






Grandmas Things


I collect blue & white, and the collection was started with some pieces which I inherited from my Grandmother. Here are some, along with some pieces of glass and silver, in an antique livery cupboard.  This picture is sold, but there is a similar one, in a different medium, in my online shop.                           SOLD




The Brethren


This painting was the result of a chance remark, made by my husband, about the way freemasons stand, and them looking rather like meerkats.  I searched for various references, and apparently this group are rather high up and important.  The chap at the back is the master of the lodge, with a rather worried look on his face because he wants all to go smoothly.                              SOLD




Wendy's Flowers 


Near a hotel we stayed at there was a florist's shop -which belonged to Wendy -   and where the changing displays were always beautifully arranged with an excellent "eye". So I kept taking photos whenever we passed by and this was the painting I produced when we got home.                        SOLD






Kirkstone Pass


We often visit the Lake District, and this is one of the well known views of Kirkstone Pass. It was a cold and breezy day here. SOLD





Baking the Cake


Here are the ingredients of my Christmas cake. I always make it early- it matures well if given half a chance! This picture is sold, but there are other "baking" pictures in my online shop.                  SOLD