Acrylic Paintings on a Fabric Background


Acrylic Paintings on Fabric.  A piece of printed fabric is attached to a stretched canvas or piece of card, and then treated with acrylic medium to create a painting surface. The painting when finished is given two coats of satin varnish which creates a durable artwork.



                                 Friends                                         Pals    SOLD 


I kept pet rabbits when I was a child and I have been fond of them ever since. We used to let them run around the garden and my parents, who were keen gardeners would get annoyed when the rabbits bit the tops off plants. One  tree seedling which had just been planted came in for this treatment and was killed in the process. Another similar one was left alone, and years later when it had become far to bit for its situation and had to be taken down, it was remarked that it was a pity that the rabbit didn't do for that as well! 






 Morning Break


I originally painted this with a different date on the calendar, but it was purchased as a wedding anniversary gift so I changed the date to suit the occasion! 





Petit Dejeuner

Featuring a basket of pain au chocolat  and orange juice. The silver pot is a favourite still life item of mine. 





                              Cherries                       Strawberries sold



French Breakfast 

What else but coffee & croissants?








Featuring embroidery silks and some of the large folder of transfers inherited from my mother. When I had the idea for this picture I was mildly surprised to find that I hadn't thrown them away! 







 Tea & Cake

 Acrylics on Fabric

Featuring a cherry cake baked especially for this picture!  SOLD 


 White Daisies in a Jam Jar

60 x 60cm  Stretched Canvas.  Acrylics on Fabric.

Daisies have a simple shapes which are so effective. These grow in my garden, and were plonked into a jam jar which was really a size too small for practical purposes, but made for an interesting picture. The background daisy print fabric is particularly appropriate.


Pink Tulips

Acrylic on Fabric on stretched Canvas         61 x 61cm

 A glass vase of lovely bright pink tulips - my favourite bulb in the garden - just love the colours! 


Coffee & Danish

Acrylic on Fabric. 40 x 40cm

Interesting "newspaper" printed fabric background. Ready for your morning break!

This painting has been sold  but there is a similar, painting in my online shop.


 Tea & Scones

Acrylic on Fabric 40 x 40cm

I just love the fabric used for this picture. Traditional English teatime with scones with butter, jam AND cream!  SOLD