Coloured Pencil Paintings - Yes - Paintings! 

Now don't be prejudiced! The coloured pencil works show here bear no relation whatsoever to the "colouring in" that children do! The pencils used are "artists quality" , which have far superior leads and effects are stunning. Coloured pencil as an art form is gaining recognition in the US, Australia and Japan and now has a toe hold in this country and is gaining in popularity. Coloured pencil artworks should be treated as you would a watercolour picture- do not hang in direct sunlight.

I often work with coloured pencils and I am a silver signature member of the United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society. (UKCPS).  I have frequently exhibited with the UKCPS in the Annual Open International Exhibitions, and at the Derwent Pencil Museum at Keswick.



Apple & Mouse

My demonstration piece from the workshop held at The Ilkley Art Shop in November '16





Lemon Deco

This arrangement of lemons in a glass cube vase made a rather nice arrangement for my kitchen table.  



The Volunteers

This group of friends  help the Friends of Guiseley Cemetery to maintain the local environment.





Sewing Box


Items from  my mother's and  my grandmother's sewing boxes. If I live to be 100 I'll never use it all , but I can't bear to dispose of it! 






Glass Act 

 Items on a windowsill at an Antiques centre which we sometimes visit. 




 Pears & Grapes 

The glass tray is a favourite of mine - the type of glassware is known as "Chippendale  Glass".




Rich Chocolate Cake 

A rich chocolate cake is a family favourite and something which I regularly bake. 





The Opportunist 

This cheeky bird was seen in Australia. He would wait until the harassed waitress was distracted and then swoop. 





Pet Pourri 





The Squabble

I discovered  that the collective noun for seagulls is a "Squabble" .

Very appropriate I thought. 





Nile Lilies 

These lovely waterlilies were seen in a pond in a conservatory at a large stately home.

They are tender and, much to my regret, cannot be grown in this country 





The Enemy. 

I spotted him eying up my clematis, and he was enormous! After he had posed for his photo he met a sticky end. 





Coloured Pencils 

A pretty little bunch of violets. This was a commission for a lady who

has a baby grand daughter called Violet. 





Blue Hyacinth

Coloured Pencils. SOLD





Birman Billy

Coloured Pencils

Billy is a beautiful show birman cat. This was created for his owners. 






A Gift for the Bride

Coloured Pencils

This was a gift for my niece. to commemorate her wedding which was held on a glorious August day in the wonderful Bolton Priory Church. The bouquet is hers, and the rings are "borrowed and blue"  rings from late grandmothers of both her & her husband.





I Spy Strangers

Coloured Pencils SOLD

This picture came about in summer when our female cat spent a lot of time watching for mice in the bottom of the wall near our kitchen door. She sometimes brings me a little "prezzie"- which she doesn't always kill first- and I started musing on the possible outcome.

This picture is sold, but if you would like something similar -maybe with the contents of your own cupboard?- please get in touch.

Spitzenhaus, Bernkastel, at Christmas 

Coloured Pencil

The Spitzenhaus (literally "pointed house") is a well known landmark in the delight little town of Bernkastel, the wine town on the river Mosel in Germany. We often spend a few days there on touring holidays - it is wonderfully relaxing, with lovely buildings, great walks and superb cafes! Here the Spitzenhaus is decorated for Christmas, complete with a with a hanging witch and a doll looking out of the first floor window.





There are More Acres in Yorkshire

than Letters in the Bible 

Artists Pencils 

It's true! And there is little doubt that my grand daughters felt they could see them nearly all from here - here being one of their favourite picnic places at Brimham Rocks, a well known Yorkshire beauty spot. NFS